Groups and Permissions
Permissions apply to any Section or Activity, designating who can view, edit, post, or sign up. There are three designation levels for assigning – or removing – Permissions: Role (Leaders, Coordinators, Members, and Public), Groups, and Individuals. For any individual Member, the Permissions that apply within a specific Section or Activity are determined in the following way:

  1. the system first applies permissions according to that Member’s Role, then
  2. the system will add or remove Permissions according to the Permissions granted to any Groups that Member is in, and finally
  3. the system will add or remove Permissions depending on any exceptions that may have been designated for that particular Member
Let’s look at an example:

Uncle John is an ordinary Community Member in a Community called ‘Aunt Mary’s Helpers’, and also assigned to a Group in that Community called ‘Drivers’ – those Members requested by the family as capable of driving Aunt Mary to various appointments. A new Activity is created called ‘Kids Soccer Practice’. The following Permissions are assigned:

Notice that:

  1. Other than Coordinators, no Member will even see this Activity on the Calendar,
  2. Members of the ‘Drivers’ Group will be able to view and sign up for this Activity on the Calendar, and
  3. Uncle Joe (Joe Underwood), despite being a Member of the ‘Drivers’ Group, will not even see this Activity on the Calendar.

Role – Leaders always have all Permissions and may not be changed. The Public Role may only be granted ‘View’ Permissions.

Groups – You may add as many Groups as needed using the drop-down menu, assigning – or removing – different Permissions for each Group. (If two or more Groups are assigned Permissions, and a Member is in more than one of those Groups, Permissions for that Member will be applied – or removed – in the order in which the Groups appear in the list.)

Individual People – This category is for exception handling: you may assign – or remove – Permissions for any number of individual people in the Community (Leaders, Coordinators, and Members), where the Permissions need to be different than those applied to a Member’s Role or Groups.

See also: Manage Groupsi

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